Nails Galaxy

Addr: 3500 Unit K Plank Rd
Fredericksburg, VA 22407
Across from Red Lobster
Tel:  (540) 786-4461


Mon - Thurs
Fri - Sat
10:00 am - 7:30 pm
  9:00 am - 7:30 pm



Julie 1 I have been one of the steady customers at Nails Galaxy & Beauty Spa for almost 10 years. Nails Galaxy & Beauty Spa staffs always provide me with utmost care and concern. Their friendly smile and excellent service always make me feel relax when we come to their salon. The business is clean, well kept, sanitary, and very welcoming. All the equipments are sterilized after each use. Working as a dental hygienist, I always get compliments from patients at work about how beautiful my skin and nails are. As usual, I tell them to let Nails Galaxy & Beauty Spa take care of them. I guarrantee that they will be very satisfied after the services. Christine 2 I have been going to Nails Galaxy & Beauty Spa for about a year now. From this salon, I have always received excellent service when I go there, especially from Jenny! She's amazing. I work at a bank, so I always want my nails to look their best since that's what people are looking at when counting their money to them. They are very professional and I always get complimented on my nails. I highly reccomend them to any and everybody. They offer a multitude of services with great prices and I always leave very happy.       Maurica 3 Even though living one hour drive away from the salon, I have been a customer at Nails Galaxy & Beauty Spa for almost 4 years, and I still prefer this spa for my regular nails and skin care. The reasons are the staffs here are very friendly. They make sure you feel relax and satisfied while providing you with such the high quality professional services in the nice, clean and sanitized environment of the salon.       Elizabeth Holliday From all of the nail salons I've gone to, Nails Galaxy & Beauty Spa is the best in my opinion. The work they do is consistently excellent and the people are friendly and wonderful. I highly recommend them to anybody who needs nails, or skin care treatments.   Pat I will soon be 60 years old. My feet are always achy, and I have never had a pedicure. However, ever since I tried out the pedicure service at Nails Galaxy & Beauty Spa, I realize what a difference it does to my feet. My feet look terrific and they are no longer hurt. The staffs provide excellent service. The salon is clean. I would recommend Nails Galaxy & Beauty Spa to anyone to try out this place, you will be pleasantly surprised.